Our National Eating Disorder, By Claudia Kalb 's Food News Blues, And Karin Kratina 's The Right

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Health and nutrition have been an essential part of life since the beginning of time, but more recently these topics are shared and examined more frequently than ever, especially in America. In Michael Pollan’s article “Our National Eating Disorder,” Claudia Kalb’s “Food News Blues,” and Karin Kratina’s “The Right Thing to Do?” it is made apparent that how we eat may be just as important as what we eat. These three authors make very valid points about American’s obsession with health fads and negative thinking towards many food groups. However, an estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. (Mokdad) Even with constant media coverage and new studies being conducted and released daily, American’s quest for a quick and simple answer to perfect health has led to many dead ends and a nation still in serious health decline. These points begin to lay the foundation of American’s struggle with one very simple, yet important question: “What should I eat?” Together, Pollan, Kalb, and Kratina have hope that Americans may one day leave their food speculations in the past and move towards a happier future with food and health itself (respectively, in due time). What strikes me about these articles was the serious confusion that is alive and well in American’s decision-making when it comes to food. Pollan touches on some of the fads that America has gone to know and love and then ultimately forget or reject. I especially like his explanation of the omnivore’s…

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