Osteoporosis Executive Summary

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Osteoporosis can be defined as a serious progressive skeletal disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone mass or doesn’t make enough bone mass which results in weakened bone that are easy to break Gronholz (2008). According to the CDC, osteoporosis is more prevalent in individuals 50 years or older and affects approximately 54 million American citizens within today’s society. It has been estimated that osteoporosis is responsible for approximately two million broken bones each year and by the year 2025 that number will increase to approximately three million. Although, according to Gronholz (2008), osteoporosis is more prevalent in non-Hispanic white women, the disease affects both sexes of the aging population.
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According to the CDC, individuals who avoid smoking, consuming excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages, consume a plenty of protein and calcium enriched foods and exercise on a regular basis reduces their risk of osteoporosis significantly.
Health Promotion Marketing Plan
Executive Summary: The Allright Memorial Hospital will continue to provide citizens in the Anywhere, USA community, quality health care services to all over improve the health of the community. The hospital will establish a program that will specialize in osteoporosis preventive care and treatment. The hospital will partner with local community agencies, health insurance companies and government agency to establish a program that will be accessible to all citizens within the community.
Allright Memorial Hospital will obtain qualified health care providers and support staff to establish the clinical and standard operations needs of the program. As the program grow the proper assessments will be made to increase health care providers and support staff as
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No profit is expected to be received from this program within the first year. The financial goal of the program during the first year is to break even. Once the program begins to expand the revenues from the program will increase and will create a small profit at the beginning.
Allright Memorial Hospital will ensure the health care providers and support staff selected will allow the program to be successful in reaching its goals to education, prevent and improve treatment of osteoporosis.

Health Promotion Marketing Plan
Mission Statement: The mission of the Allright Memorial Hospital in Anywhere, USA is to provide quality affordable services to all patients and promote a healthier community. To increase the awareness of osteoporosis through promotional initiatives and education to provide information on the preventions, early detection and management of osteoporosis.
Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this health promotion is to educate the community on the risk factors and effects of osteoporosis to reduce the number of new osteoporosis cases developing each year within the

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