Was Oskar Schindler A Hero Essay

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The definition of a hero is a person who stands in front to save others even by risking their lives. Also, a hero never ignores people who are in trouble, and they always endeavor to save others without discriminating. Therefore, Oskar Schindler is not a hero. Schindler is not a hero because he used Jews as labors for his company’s production like slaves, he already knew about the massacre of Jews by the Nazi Party, but he only looked on it, and he used the money only for his own use which was earned by the Jewish workers.
Schindler is not a hero because he used Jews as labor for his company production as slaves. If Schindler was a hero, he would’ve stood in front of Jews and protect them. Instead, he used Jews as slaves to earn money for him.
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A hero is a person who risks his life to save others who are in danger. However, Schindler didn’t care whether Jews get massacred or not because he was the member of Nazi Party, and he could get another healthy Jews for free. In the clip during the massacre of Jews in the Krakow Ghetto, Schindler was just watching Jews get murdered by the Nazi soldiers. Some people might say that when his accountant officer, Itzhak Stern was captured by the Nazi and was about to send to the camp, Schindler endeavored to save Stern. Also, when the one-armed officer got shot by the Nazi soldiers, Schindler objected killing his workforce to Nazi officer. However, Schindler only saved Stern because he was the mainstay of his business. If Stern was not in his company, his company will corrupt in any seconds, so it means that Schindler saved Stern for his own business, not for devotion to him. Also, when one-armed Jews got shot by the Nazi soldiers, Schindler did object to the Nazi officers, but it was to take advantage to earn compensation for his workforce. Schindler was rich and wealthy enough to have parties and drink alcohols with Nazi officers many times. With all that money and wealth, he could’ve saved more Jews which he

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