Essay about Osha

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October 28, 2014 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has come a lengthy way to cut the death rates of firefighters in half. In 1970, they implemented a plan to help change working conditions for all Americans. OSHA was charged with the accountability of fulfilling health and safety standards, conducting inspections, issuing citations and penalties for noncompliance of regulations. OSHA created a division called National Institute Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This division, the NIOSH, conducted research on the causes and prevention of work-related illnesses, injuries, and deaths, then provide information on what new measures can be used to prevent this from occurring so often. The group was …show more content…
Fire departments across the globe have been greatly influenced by continuing to read and reverence the data from OSHA concerning safety and deaths of firefighters (Edwards, 2010). OSHA gathered statistics of how the majority of firefighter deaths occur responding to or at the scene of emergencies. The two of these have accounted for a massive 65% of firefighter deaths in any single year. Since the statistic came out in the 70’s, it has significantly impacted the fire service standards proceeding its methods of operations to prevent some of these injuries. The rules created a descending trend of firefighter deaths responding to or at emergency scenes. They didn't stop there, realizing that an overwhelming number of firefighter fatalities is caused by cardiac arrest. The exertions firefighters have in route to an emergency scene stresses the heart causing it to need more blood. Adrenaline rush was a major problem for older firefighters because they can't retrieve as much oxygen as needed in times of emergency. The inability to deliver this oxygen was causing myocardium. A number of firefighters continued to work as emergency responders with known heart conditions. For this reason, OSHA established a standard to insure firefighters with a heart condition would have a physical, so they implemented in NFPA 1582 (Poplin, 2011). As for myself, I feel the Durham Fire Department does an excellent job following

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