Essay On Iago's Marionette In Othello

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Iago’s Marionette Originality is very important throughout the tragedy of Othello in its’ small cast of characters that all continually have their own thoughts and opinions. Though one character stands out from the crowd for originality: Roderigo. Roderigo is a venetian man who longs to be loved by the fair Desdemona, and through his love and loss of it, he is able to find friendship in Iago; the story’s villain. As Roderigo and Iago work together, Roderigo’s mind continually falls into Iago’s corrupted hands. Roderigo’s desires take away much of himself, as he continually relinquishes parts of himself to Iago, his love-stricken eyes for Desdemona act as a catalyst for Iago to take control, leading Roderigo to be easily manipulated by Iago throughout the play, where Roderigo is ultimately made guilty for his actions, as he is slain. Shakespeare uses the character of Roderigo’s to caution readers of faith and trust. He is able to use Roderigo as an example for what …show more content…
His trust in Iago is his biggest fault. The pair caused so much damage that could have been prevented entirely. Roderigo becomes a man who strips himself from his personality and who he truly is because of lust and manipulation. Desdemona’s rejection of Roderigo through Othello ignites a spark in Roderigo as his dream tumbles downward. Once Iago get a hold of him, he is no longer who he once was, Roderigo becomes Iago’s to use for his bidding, and he does. Roderigo gives everything he has to work with Iago. He gives desires, personality, and free will up in order to serve him. Ultimately, the man who Roderigo thought to be his closest ally became his worst enemy, ending his life. Roderigo is used by Shakespeare to display how trust can kill and how people can take away so much from others without giving anything back. This manipulation happened to Roderigo, and a man he called his friend caused his

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