Noah: A Narrative Fiction

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Noah grunts and groans during his ministrations, letting me know just how much he’s enjoying this, enjoying my blather.
I feel her coming. Orgasm. She soars above, slowly, slowly descending. I rock faster against his tongue. Urgency. Intensity. Pleasure like never before.
Credits to Noah, he doesn’t let up, he doesn’t pause, he doesn’t give me reprieve. His tongue licks, his mouth sucks, his fingers plunge in and out.
She lands.
Not smoothly. Not quietly. But rocky. Turbulent. Bits and pieces ripping apart, careening, crashing, exploding.
My legs shoot together, clamping Noah’s head, hips jerking up into his mouth as I am seized and besieged, shaking, vibrating, crying, “Ohgodyes. Ohgodyes. Ohgodyes!”
Noah powers on, riding it out with me, despite me both suffocating him with my thighs and tearing his hair out.
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I’d blurted the words the second she opened the door.
“Lotty, what…” she trails off and throws a quick glance over her shoulder, back into the house. “Girl, I love you, but now is not a good time.”
“What?” I wail, on the verge of breaking down. “Is there a special time for you to be my best friend? I need you now. Whatever dick you have in there can wait.”
Lowering her voice, she growls at me through clenched teeth, “No, it can’t wait. It’s Muscles. We were just about to seal the deal. Your timing stinks.”
Muscles. So this is why he’s been unavailable all day? “Sorry, Kiki, but I need to speak with him, too.” I try to push past her, and she blocks me, pleading. “Lotty, you know how he feels about you. You go in there, I might never get laid.”
My eyes meet hers and stay there. “Kiera, I wouldn’t disrupt you if it wasn’t serious. But he knows something about Andrew, and he’s been avoiding telling me.”
Understanding that this is more important than lust, sex, and hot men with eight packs, she mouths “Oh” and lets me

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