Organizations Communicate And Many Ways And For Many Purposes

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Organizations communicate in many ways and for many purposes. One way an organization can ensure the way they are communicating is effectively contributing to achieving their goals is to implement specific processes for communicating within the organization. When Hinton reviewed higher education institutions’ planning processes, she stated that “in almost all cases, if root cause analysis is conducted, ‘lack of communication’ is the result of non-existent or poorly devised procedures that do not direct appropriate follow-on action” (p. 19). Creating communication processes will directly impact the effectiveness and potential success of any organizational mission or goals by providing the avenue to ensure such follow-on actions are articulated. “How these policies and procedures are created, reviewed, implemented, and disseminated is an aspect of administration critical to an effectively administered institution” (Hinton, 2012, p.19). In The Community Leadership Handbook, the author discusses how communities form groups, which equate to an organization forming committees, to take actions that produce results. “Effective groups make efficient use of time to create a product – a set of results that services the larger community. In addition, these groups use a process that encourages community members to work together on additional projects in the future.” (Krile, 2006, p.187) Standardizing communication is the process which will increase the likelihood of groups working…

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