Organizational Development and Swot Analysis Essay

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Current Trends in Organizational Development and SWOT Analysis
ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT i. Organizational Development (OD) is a field of research, theory, and practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance.
OD is a process of continuous diagnosis, action planning, implementation and evaluation, with the goal of transferring knowledge and skills to organizations to improve their capacity for solving problems and managing future change.
It is a question on how to make and retain high performing and effective organizations. This is what we call: ‘Results from the Inside’. The bottom line is improvements are based on a mix of advisory,
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This question touches the heart of the leadership competence and makes, in the end, the difference between more and less effective leaders. Leadership is something which can be learned, and creating and retaining high performance teams is the result of good leadership. In learning on leadership, we work with the following concepts:
• Coaching style leadership: Believe that first and foremost, the leader is a coach, and for this, the leader need specific competences which can be learned:
1. Confronting
2. Task and result-oriented management
3. Conversational skills
4. Tact/sensitive behavior
5.Self management
• Connected Leadership: by now, formal organizations are substituted by networks and virtual organizations, and structures are being replaced for processes. This makes that the formal leader needs to become a Connected Leader. This kind of leader need to have the following competences:
1.Being able to connect by trust;
2. Being able to engage through meaning;
3. Being able to sustain performance through dialogue and influencing.

• Assertiveness: No leadership training is effective when there is no follow up on middle and lower managerial levels. To learn leaders how to listen has no impact if their employees have not learned how to speak up and stand for their opinion. And assertiveness is not only for these professionals that have problems in speaking up, it is as equally suitable for people who speak

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