Organizational Culture in Walt Disney Corporation Essay

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Michele Vu
BUS 100W
Walt Disney: Organizational Culture
Disney as a company first started as an animated film industry in October 16th, 1932. They were originator of the infamous cartoon Mickey Mouse that put them on the market. From then on Walt Disney became one of the biggest animated film companies. Through the years Walt Disney developed a theme of “to bring happiness to all” through “magic” and Disney’s team of creative and innovative people would continue Walt Disney Company as it is today. Disney’s organizational culture’s integrity, innovation, and implementing strategic training are the leading cause of the large expansion within the Disney Corporation to different markets. Not only is Walt Disney
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This new innovation of technology allows them to save time and give the best product possible. When time is saved which results in less money being spent, Walt Disney is then able to spend their money on different endeavors such as building new amusement parks and resorts. They currently have six fully built amusement parks and resorts located in California, Florida, Paris, Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. They are not only stopping their expansion to those resort, Walt Disney also has multiple cruise ships. Their technology is not just limited to their Parks and Resorts(). Disney is known for their classic animated films and to keep to date they have started the transition into 3D films.
Walt Disney slogan “to preserve the idea of Magic” needs to help create that feeling for their customers whose parents have felt the “magic” and have brought their children to come experience it for themselves. Their target market is children in terms of film, amusement parks, merchandise, and media network. Children who are growing up with the latest technology are harder to please. So the advancement of technology is needed such as 3D film and clearer animated pictures. Not only in films are they improving but Walt Disney is a leader in the media network. They have television shows, websites that have games based off of the shows, and learning programs related back to all the great Disney

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