Organizational Culture : An Organization Essay

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Organizational culture plays a crucial role in today’s business world. According to our textbook, organizational culture can be defined as a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations. In essence, organizational culture describes how employees perceive an organization. Not surprisingly, the culture of a company can have a substantial influence on the attitudes and behavior of its employees. Hence, building a positive organizational culture is absolute key in running a successful business. Our textbook mentions seven distinct characteristics that can help to capture the essence of an organization’s culture: innovation and risk taking, attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, and stability. Subsequently, culture can serve a variety of different functions for an organization. To elaborate, it can play a boundary-defining role, it can convey a sense of identity, it can facilitate commitment, and it can also help to enhance stability. Admittedly, large organizations will often have a dominant culture along with various subcultures. This is due to the fact that employees who come from diverse backgrounds will often perceive an organization differently from their peers. Further, independent departments may have the tendency to develop distinct subcultures. Nonetheless, maintaining a strong culture is essential for building employee loyalty and reducing…

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