Essay Organizational Culture : An Organization

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Organizational culture is the framework that incorporates attitudes, values, behavioral norms, and expectations that is shared by members or employees of an organization. Basically every business can be made up of many things. These “things” consist of people, operation systems, achievements and financial ventures, but every company has a culture. A human being has attitudes, values, behavioral norms and expectations. If a human being has all of these attributing factors than it only makes sense that a corporation would have characteristics like these as well! Without an organizational culture a company would have no core value systems or beliefs. There are six core characteristics that are valued by members of an organization. These six characteristics include: sensitivity to others, interest in new ideas, willingness to take risks, value placed on people, openness of available communication, and friendliness and congeniality. In the handout I was provided for this paper, I looked at two different organizations to look at an analysis the organizational culture of the two, very opposite, organizations. Organization A and organization B are two very contrasting companies. One organization is very culturally flexible and the other organization is very culturally rigid. Both of these companies have an organizational culture; however, each companies incorporates the six core characteristics in a different way. After analyzing organization A, this organization utilizes very…

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