Essay about Organizational Conflict And Its Advantages

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Discuss organisational conflict and its advantages and disadvantages in organisations
It is mentioned by Robbins and DeCenzo (2001) that any organizations have interpersonal or intergroup interactions, which might be in conflict at any time. Furthermore, Organisational conflict has been shown to be a significant process affecting behaviors, decision-making and performance of organisations. For example, an increasing number of evidence demonstrate that the perceptions, motivations, problem-solving behavior and interactive outcomes in negotiation are effected by the conflict issue, which is a vital predictor of negotiation (Harinck, De Dreu and Van Vianen, 2000). Due to the organisational conflict is inevitable, so the study of its effects on organisations being positive or negative is very significant. As stated by Schweiger, Sandbergan, and Ragan (1986), Conflict can not only improve the quality of decision-making, may also have a negative impact on. This essay first illustrates the definition of organisational conflict and three views of it. Next, the positive and negative effects of conflict which could bring to organisations are analyzed respectively, as well as the consequences. Finally, I will present some of my thinking on the phenomenon of organisational conflict.
The definition of conflict is a process about one party has been or is about to be affected negatively by another party, And the effect is the first party concerned (Robbins and Judge, 2015).…

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