Essay Organizational Communications in Staples Inc Case Study

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I Can Hear You, But I Can’t HEAR You:
Effective Organizational Communication
Shawna Lovato
Western Governor’s University
Most human beings are born with the physical ability to talk and speak words. Most are also born with the physical ability to hear words spoken by others. What humans are not born with however is the skill to form those spoken words into a meaningful message for others to interpret and provide feedback on, or, the skill to communicate with one another. This paper looks at the process of communication and how it is utilized within the business world to relay information and send messages between management and subordinates. It will also look at potential barriers to effective
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This was cause for added uneasiness among loyal employees who were apprehensive about who would take his place. This creates a barrier to communication because it causes an inability to listen to the message from the sender with real understanding of what is being said (Kreitner, Kinicki, &, 2008). Employees can physically hear what is being said but their ability to process and interpret information in the message has been affected by their personal feelings with regards to the failed merger and the loss of a long-time director in the company. A third communication barrier present at Staples is the physical barrier caused by Jeanne Lewis being promoted to director of marketing while still working as vice president of merchandising.

When Lewis accepted the promotion to director of marketing, she began working in the position almost immediately, but until a replacement for VP of merchandising was on board, Lewis maintained her responsibilities within that department as well. The communication barrier arose because marketing was located on the third floor, while merchandising was located on the fourth floor. Lewis was constantly going back and forth between the two floors and employees from both departments felt that she was less accessible (Suesse, J. M. 2000). Employees that had questions or concerns had a more difficult time even getting their message to Lewis, and once they did, there was no guarantee that

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