Essay about Organizational Behavior And Its Impact On My Semester

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This paper is a reflection on my experiences in Organizational Behavior and its impact on my semester. The topics discussed here will be a reflection from the original introspective essay, written earlier this semester, to compare the changes OB has had on me. I will explain how the material I have learned has affected my life as a student and my job as a color guard choreographer. Because of this course, I have a better understanding of conflict resolution and influence tactics. In addition to this, I will discuss the material I was originally looking forward to and my opinions on those chapters.
The Case of Emily Craven in Organizational Behavior, Revisited When I started my junior year as a marketing major, I was extremely nervous. This year was the first semester I was permitted to take business courses as a student of the Luter School of Business, one of those being Organizational Behavior. I came into the class without expectations since I did not have a firm understanding as to what organizational behavior consisted of. In early fall, I stated that I understood OB would deal with interacting with others in organizations. As I expressed in my original analysis, I was able to learn about myself and improve the way I work with others, and in turn, form better leadership skills. My expectations stated earlier in the semester remained consistent throughout the course.
Discovering Myself in OB This semester, I have learned a lot about how I work in teams and myself.…

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