Essay about Organization Behaviors

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Course: MBA 741
Name: Wei Liu
To: Kristin Holmberg-Wright
Date: 4-24-2012

1. How do charismatic and transformational leadership compare and contrast? Why are they valid concept today?
A: the charismatic leadership and transformational leadership are almost same, like transformational leader’s Individualized Consideration and charismatic leader’s sensitivity to followers need; transformational leader’s charisma and charismatic leader’s. But they still have some different in some parts. The Charisma in transformation leadership is different with charismatic leadership. Transformational leadership can be used in every level of organizations, but charismatic only suit for top managers. Charismatic leadership has dark sides,
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That is how leadership factories work.

Ethical Dilemma: undercover leaders 1. Yes, I think it is ethical, there is no evidence to say that work as grassroots employee will lead to an ethical problems. Actually, work with employees can help CEO define the ethical problems accurate and fast.

2. Yes it will. The experiences which CEO learned are from their many years ago and from books. However the real experiences will not base on old experiences and books. Undercover work can help those CEO undated their experiences to change their management behaviors.

3. I’m agreeing with the undercover project, but not for government lead this project. As we know different companies have different situations. For some local company, this strategy may works well, however for some multinational company, the CEO couldn’t work in every country, and different countries have different culture and management habit, use government force to push the executive to work may give them a wrong image in grassroots management, even make a wrong decisions.

Should Managers play the guilt card? 1. To be honest, the guilt-prone is one of my characteristic. I always think the company already do enough for me, I must pay back to prove every cent they pay on me is worth. Like in Japan’s organization culture, company offer the employee a whole life job and employee may think the company trust me that I can do my best

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