Organisational Climate Essay

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Organisational climate and job satisfaction are separate, but related constructs and both affect the understanding of the working environment and employee level of job satisfaction. Purpose of this essay is to explain the relationship between organisational climate and job satisfaction to determine the perception of the employees working environment influence whether their level of satisfaction.
Organisational climate is a relatively enduring quality of the internal environment of an organization that (a) is experienced by its members, (b) influences their behavior, and (c) can be described in terms of the values of a particular set of characteristics (or attributes) of the organization (Mullins, 2013). Organisational climate in
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Latter approach measures job environment, directly asking people how they feel it their job place (Robbins, 1998; Spector, 2005).
Organisational success largely depends on the quality of people who work in the organisation. Managing people in organisations can be taken as human resource management. All companies need to manage their workforce through policies and practices. Policies and practices should be in coordination with each other, as well must relate with organisational needs. Most effective way to improve performance is to create a favorable climate in the workplace, which will give people the opportunity to show their best abilities (Schuler and Jackson, 2007). There are factors that effect on the motivation of employees:
Clarity. The clear expression and explanation of next mission.
Standards. Quality level.
Responsibility. Sense of responsibility for the organisation. Employees can make important decisions.
Flexibility. Workers must be located to innovation. They can find better ways to do their jobs.
Rewards and recognition. Good workers can be awarded.
Commitment. Workers feeling that they are going to the same goals.
To successful motivate workers what will attract people to reach the goal, the leader must be flexible. Leader must be able to change the leadership style depending on the specific situation. According to Avolio and Bass (2004) the transformational leadership style is more effective and

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