Organic Food Business Plan Essay

Madeline Michener, Morgan Stelmaszynski, Joanna Poston, Joe Brahler
Team 6 Business Plan: Organic Food and Farming Poland has a population of over 38 million people. With a large percentage of Poland’s population being 30 and younger, the workforce is continuing to grow. The location in the middle of Europe with Germany, the Ukraine, and Czech Republic as neighbors has them in a prime location for trading opportunities. The growth of the economy boomed after the accession into the European Union in 2004. Poland became the ninth largest economy in the European Union and the twenty-fifth in the world. During the recession of 2009, Poland was the only European Country to grow economically. Poland’s government does not pose many threats for
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About 25% of people say they would buy organic food if they had more knowledge on the product, so our companies main goal is to educate and inform them about the farms in which they are buying their products from. Another issue that Poland has with increasing their organic food market is cost of distribution. The distribution of organic products throughout Poland is just now starting to grow, and our company plans to help create strategies to help get organic food from the small farms to stores. Organic farming is more expensive than non-organic farming, therefore, the small farms have a hard time connecting with customers because of high costs that come with the farming itself. Our goal is to connect with these small farms and to create a way for these farms to increase their profit while allowing us to distribute their product further and to build a customer base not only for us, but for these family owned local farms. We are going to provide resources for these small farmers and become partners with many farms around the Northern and North Eastern provinces of Poland. Organic food and agriculture is a growing market in Poland that has a huge opportunity for a …show more content…
Our company bases are expected profit off of the largest organic food producer in America, Whitewave Food. They operate at about a 52% profit margin, and after we establish our business and gain clientele we hope to get up to 50% profit margin. By entering a market that still has room for improvement gives our company an advantage to gain many small farms as business partners. The expected revenue and costs are hard to determine because of the growing cost in land that meets organic agriculture regulations, but we hope to reach the annual profit of $195 million and expenses of $99.55 million. This is based off of White Waves market size and scaling it to Poland’s market size. Our final goal is to

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