Organ Donors Receiving Adequate Compensation For The Donation Of One Of Their Kidneys

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At first read, the author is making a point about organ donors receiving adequate compensation for the donation of one of their kidneys. The authors romanticizes the production of available kidneys to be able to reduce a backlog of around 83,000 people waiting for one, should donor s receive compensation as an incentive to give up one of their kidneys. They also point out economic savings should people have available kidneys, in lieu of the cost of keeping those waiting for a kidney on dialysis. And the ethical questions and arguments in favor of compensating kidney donors, would be the influence of wealthy people wanting an organ, and temptation of people who are struggling just to get by on their weekly income. Would this in turn still give more power to the rich in obtaining organs for transplant? Of course I had to dig a little deeper on this issue. When I graduated from nursing school in 1979, I worked two jobs. One was as a pediatric nurse, and the other was two days a week on the Renal Transplant Unit of Albany Medical Center Hospital, in NY. While organ transplants and anti-rejection drugs have greatly improved since 1979, the authors of the article fail to realize other factors which concern organ donation today. First of all, I have complete empathy for the authors of the article, because know that you could die unless you have an organ donation is an extremely difficult roller coaster ride to be on, and would rightly have anyone questioning why the…

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