Oppression And Oppression Of Oppression Essay

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Oppression In our world we experience, observe, challenge and even commit forms of oppression. Some may ask what oppression is, but when given an example the term is defined quickly. Others, know the definition as soon as the word is given. We see oppression and if comfortable, sometimes challenge it, but do we ever stop to truly think about why oppression is an issue in our society and how we can fix it? This is what I came to realize when I started to journal, ask questions, and reflect on the issue myself. As I hung out with friends, walked around campus, and went about my daily routine, I came across a variety of individuals committing forms of oppression. Some people didn’t realize that what they were saying fell in the category of oppression, when others were fully aware of the comments they were saying. In fact, two of my friends made racist and homophobic remarks without hesitation. I believe my friends said these comments because it is a topic that goes against their beliefs. For example, my friend that made homophobic comments is against gay marriage.
I came to the conclusion that these two friends knew they were committing forms of oppression because this comment was made, “I’m not trying to be racist, but.” People who make this comment generally know what they are about to say is racist. People feel the need to say this phrase because then they feel they don’t have to take responsibility for the offensive and derogatory comments that follow. While observing…

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