Opinion Towards Death Penalty and Feeling Thermometer Towards Democratic Presidential Candidate

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Opinion towards Death Penalty and Feeling Thermometer Towards Democratic Presidential Candidate Introduction:
The research question that we are trying to address here is to find out whether an individual's Presidential candidate choice and opinion towards favoring the death penalty is associated. Although, The United Nations General Assembly has adopted, in 2007, 2008 and 2010, non-binding resolutions calling for a global moratorium on executions, with a view to eventual abolition, countries like China, India, USA etc. still continue to apply death penalty. In 2012 alone, 43 cases of capital punishment was recorded in the USA.[1] But, A recent Gallup poll found the lowest level of support for the death penalty in America since 1972.[2]
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Furthermore, we do not have enough control over the data to randomly assign the respondents to a “control” and “treatment” group. The population of interest for this study will be the eligible voter population of the USA i.e. USA citizens in the age group of 18+. Since, this is an observational study where respondents were chosen randomly, ideally the findings from this analysis can be generalized to the stated population. But, the study at hand is not an experimental study and therefore, we can not establish any causal links between the variables of interest. Potential confounders do exist that can induce a bias in our study. For example, there can be other demographic factors common to both groups that can be responsible for our results. For example, a high percentage of population in the age group of 18-25 might have a strong view towards abolishing death penalty and at the same time support the Democratic Presidential Candidate. Therefore, a more exhaustive study that takes the correspondents demographics, education status etc. into account, should be undertaken if we were to establish a strong association between our variables of interest.

Exploratory data analysis: barplot(table(anes$penalty_favopp_x)) The figure above shows the distribution of opinions towards favoring the death penalty in the sample population. hist(anes$ft_dpc)

The histogram above shows the distribution of feeling thermometer rating

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