Ophelia Chase: A Short Story

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Ophelia Chase was a bright girl. Even at five years old she could tell when someone was upset. So when she saw Leo Alexander crying that day, she knew better than to ask why. So instead, she just sat there and cried with him. She knew from experience, that it was better to cry with, than to cry over. So when she cried that day she didn't cry for him. She cried for herself. And she cried for her sister.

When Leo Alexander was five, he found out he was going to have a little sister. So of course he did what most five-year-olds do. He cried. In all honesty, looking back, he couldn't stand to think about it without laughing. He hadn't been expecting Ophelia Chase to come up and cry beside him. It was weird, he cried for having a little
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Even at seven, she know when not to speak. In example, she knew speaking at the dinner table would result in a smack. She also knew speaking during class would bring unwanted attention towards her face. And most of all, speaking to Leo Alexander would end up with fist flying …show more content…
At 15, she'd had three boyfriends and two flings. Obviously, she became very popular. She soon became friends with everyone, even Leo Alexander, her enemy from years ago. She was still a very big troublemaker, but now she was a straight a student and the most well-known student on campus. She was even voted homecoming queen. But sadly, every story must have its downfalls. This was the year she experienced her first heartbreak. And even more tragically, it was not her last.

By the time Leo Alexander was 15, he was very fed up. He'd pretty close to Ophelia, and eventually realized he was in love with her. He spent most of his days with her. They'd mostly do what she wanted to do, that was ok with him as long as they were together. Normally they were very lazy people. So by time Ophelia had her third big heartbreak, he was pretty pissed off when she went out with Jake Dawson, the biggest douche bag on the Earth. And he knew he'd break her heart but she didn't want to hear it. And that was how he ended up being shoulder she cried

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