The Three Problems Of Hamlet In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, was performed on a Proscenium stage. However, it was shown in Cinemark 14 in Denton. Hamlet is a story of a man forced to avenge his father’s death while still combating his dilemmas, which threatens both his sanity and his country. This version of Hamlet took place sometime between the early 1940s into the 1950s. The three problems of Hamlet are his father’s death, his own sanity, and the state of his country. The story begins with the main character, Hamlet, battling with his father’s death. Everyone besides Hamlet has moved on which causes him great pain and resentment towards his family and nation. A scene that conveys his feelings clearly is when he asks Horatio and the other guards about if they remember his father. Their response encouraged him to search for the truth of what really happened to his father. Furthermore, Hamlet shows his mental instability when he decides to lock himself into a child’s castle playset. The visions of his father’s ghost and the truth of his uncle killing his father pushes Hamlets health. This worries his mother and also invokes a reason for is uncle to get him out of Denmark. Then, the …show more content…
The first was mixing the old English language with the clothing of a more modern time. This made the play confusing mostly because I could not concentrate on important parts with the dialogue being the way it was. The second big problem for me was the time period they performed it in. There were many times in the play where I could not tell if it was the 1900s or the 2000s. This happened in many of the scenes with Hamlet. Even with these problems I still believe Hamlet is a great play and was done well. The story conveyed the idea of corruption and how it can destroy an entire nation or a wealthy family. The idea was clear and performed in a interesting way, that is why I believe this play was worth

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