Hamlet And Ophelia Relationship Analysis

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Hamlet and Ophelia 's relationship in the play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare is very passionate, confusing, violent, and tragic. Many claim that Hamlet fooled her and that he never really loved Ophelia, however I disagree. Hamlet surely loved Ophelia, and Ophelia felt the same. They definitely cared for one another, for Ophelia claims to her father, Polonius, that he "hath importuned [her] with love in honorable fashion", and if he had not loved her then he wouldn 't have gone to all that trouble to make her believe he did; especially with all the family issues going on in his life at the time, revenge and love are too much for him to handle together (act 1, scene 3, page 23, lines 110-111). In act two, Ophelia comes rushing to Polonius, …show more content…
In Hamlet 's madness he accidentally kills Ophelia 's father, Polonius, because he thought it was an intruder in his mother 's chamber. He expresses his hope that it would be the king that he killed because that 's who he has been wanting to assassinate. After he finds out it was Polonius the situation gets even more complicated. Hamlet is stuck in a position that either way will be hurtful. He still loves her. After finding out that his uncle truly killed his father, remarried his mother, and overtook the throne, he begins to grow even more insane and that makes him distracted from his love for Ophelia. He is so caught up in revenge and hatred that he doesn 't give her or their relationship a second thought. Eventually Ophelia finds out about her father 's death and how Hamlet was the one who committed the homicide. Thrown into deep despair, she is torn apart by her love for Hamlet and her father 's sudden death. Knowing that Hamlet was the one to murder him only makes it worse and she slowly starts slipping into madness. She is seen raving nonsense and the queen and king try to talk sense into her, but to no avail. She is in such misery that she drowns in a brook and is finally allowed

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