Opera Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Several sections require that you analyze information. This requires that you read carefully, think deeply and show your insight that you gained from the information provided in the case …show more content…
The evaluators will be looking to see that you¿ve provide recommendations of key steps that Anne can take for each of the weaknesses that you identified in your discussion. Also, with regard to key steps you will want to identify specific actions that Anne can take. For examples if one of the weaknesses is poor fundraising you might suggest that Anne sets aside a period of time each week during which she can employ her fundraising skills to improve fundraising. The recommendations of steps that she can take can be common-sense, basic steps (nothing fancy) but that would be effective in dealing with the …show more content…
These goals are given to you in the directions for the task (see information above the questions).

¿Don¿t just combine the symphony and opera goals, CSF¿s and measurement.
¿Use the strategic goals to develop a goal for each of the four aspects. Now, be creative, what should the critical success factors and measurements be?
¿Make sure to create and include a vision statement and a business model statement (you can use the ones on the symphony and opera balanced scorecards as a model).
When creating the goals for the individual sections of the balanced scorecard you will want to create goals that are specific to the section (finance, customer, internal etc.) but that, if achieved, would help the company to achieve the five first-year strategic goals that are identified at the top of the task.

C. Merged Company Strengths and Weaknesses
The key here is to analyze the company utilizing the balances scorecard as an analytical tool. In earlier sections you had to analyze strengths and weaknesses as you pull them out of the facts of a case study. However, now you have been introduced to a new analytical tool; the balanced scorecard and you will need to analyze each element of the balanced scorecard. You should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the merged company addressing each section of the scorecard e.g. financial customer, internal process & learning and

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