Essay about Openness in Communication

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Openness in Communication
Intro – Priest
Marie - Characteristics of Openness – A&B1
Openness is believing in my goodness and the goodness of my spouse, and trusting that my spouse loves and accepts me as I am. It is important to me to know that Tommy accepts me for who I am. He believes in me, which in turn makes me believe in myself. When I know that he truly accepts me for me, it makes it easier for me to reveal my true feelings to him. Openness is based on trust, which comes from ongoing sharing with one another. I share more than my surface feelings, reactions and thoughts. A lot of times the way I feel on the outside, and the way I look to others might not be how I am really feeling. It is important for me to share my true feelings
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So many times we take the time together for granted doing anything but paying attention to each other. So we try sometimes to just turn the radio off and talk to each other without being distracted by other things. It is times like this that I can truly listen to what is on her mind, and vice versa take time to tell her how I feel.
Marie B3 We are different every day. Therefore, there is always something new to share and sharing builds trust. Tommy works nights, so, so many times when he comes home from work he is tired, and we don’t really talk about his day. When he doesn’t open up about his day, then I in turn tend to not really talk about what I did during the day. So it ends up that even though we haven’t seen each other all day, neither one of us knows what the other one was up to all day. I make it a point to ask him how work was, which really opens up a constructive palate for us to discuss our days. Plus a lot of times, he has fun or interesting things to tell me, so I love to listen to his work stories. Then this also gives me the floor to tell Tommy how my day was. Although, he never seems that interested in how great my pedicure was.
Tommy- The Challenge of Openness A Openness requires that we accept our spouses with their limitations, but are willing to challenge and be challenged in areas that need attention. One of the reasons that I love Marie is that she is very strong-willed and she always knows what she wants. This

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