Online Vs. Traditional Education Essay example

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Having experienced both online and traditional, face-to-face education, I offer a unique perspective on both forms of learning, in addition to the benefits offered by each. While online and traditional education each offer unqiue advantages, exploiting the benefits of both systems created an exceptional learning opportuity, especially when combined with our incomparable family. While online education facilitated learning, the community and local high school played crucial roles in developing my character.

For instance, Colorado Connections Academy, my online high school, afforded a better curriculum than most traditional programs. While our local high school offers only lower level mathematics, and no computer courses, Connections ' advanced courses, especially focusing on science, technology, engineering and math ("STEM"), offered unrival opportunities to learn.

On the other hand, our local high school encouraged participation in activities such as STEM centric clubs and sports, all of which promoted teamwork, and building a healthy social network. Because of the decentralized nature of online schools, the community and local high school filled a void in developing team building, work ethic and social skills.

Orchestrating two different learning approaches, extracurricular activities and job responsibilities required orchestrating many aspects of my life. Utilizing Connections ' diverse offerings, I carefully crafted each semester 's course selection to better prepare…

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