Essay on Online Learning And Distance Education

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An Online Course Primer
This orientation is designed for students who are new to online learning and distance education. If you have never taken an online class, the information to follow can provide useful tips to help get you started in the right direction.
Topics to be covered include: why students choose to take online classes; different course formats, including fully online, hybrid and Web-enhanced; and misconceptions about online learning. We will explore how to determine if online learning is right for you, and wrap up with some tips from seasoned online learners. Let’s get started!

The most common reasons for taking an online class are flexibility and convenience. You can log in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your home, office or anywhere you have access to the Internet. Students who have hectic work schedules, busy family lives or simply don’t live near a college or university find that online learning puts quality education within their reach. Most classes don’t requsire that you to log in at a specific time of day, though you do have to make sure you log in often enough keep up with the course time line and due dates.

There are three formats for presenting course material online: fully-online, hybrid and Web-enhanced.
Fully-online classes are those which take place entirely online. You will communicate with your instructor and fellow students, submit assignments, and take tests through…

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