One Of The Negative Impacts Of Tropical Cyclones

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Tropical Cyclones
Cameron Pillay

Figure 1.1
Tropical cyclones. One of the wonders of nature that reassures us that god is watching our behavior. Jokes aside, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones or even willie willies, whatever you prefer, are a massive danger to our society. The harsh winds and floods result in many deaths and major destruction to infrastructure along coastal regions(L. Dilley, J. Earle, K. Euston-Brown, G. Keats, A.Nxele, G. Ravenscroft, 2013). So how can we prepare ourselves? Many countries have evacuation plans or changes in infrastructure that allow buildings to withstand the harsh conditions. However, other countries cannot afford to invest in such expensive plans. This results in many deaths and suffering populations in
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Tropical cyclones form over warm waters, between 300 N and 300 S of the equator as they rely on the Coriolis force to spiral the winds to the low pressure cell. The conditions of a tropical cyclone get worse as you travel from outside the cyclone, towards the centre. The centre of a tropical cyclone is called the eye, and this is where the conditions are generally calm. The most extreme conditions occur in the area surround the eye, called the eyewalls. Rapidly rising air results in huge cumulonimbus clouds, causing heavy rain and thunderstorms. The further inland a tropical cyclones travels, the harsher the conditions a country will experience. This greatens the impacts of the cyclones on countries.(L. Dilley, J. Earle, K. Euston-Brown, G. Keats, A.Nxele, G. Ravenscroft, …show more content…
Countries will have less money to recover and reconstruct all the buildings damaged. This will have long term effects on a country as a huge amount of time and money is spent trying to recover to a previous state, and not spent on developing the country. LEDC’s will be less affected as they generally have less businesses or businesses with cheap products. Cyclones will have a major impact on the businesses in MEDC’s as these countries rely greatly on businesses to run the country. The destruction of businesses will also weaken a countries international trade.
Insurance Policies Cannot Pay – Insurance policies will struggle to assist everyone in recovering all their insured items. This will result many people becoming homeless and poor. There is no money available to reconstruct all the heavily damaged homes. This will have a major effect in MEDC’s, where the houses are more developed and expensive to repair. LEDC’s will have an easier time rebuilding their homes as they are cheaper to

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