Oliver's P. O. V.: A Short Story

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Chapter fifteen
***Oliver 's P.O.V***
I kept messaging Dave as Carson messaged Cassidy.
I turned to him. "Look, they 're probably together doing some stupid shit. Don 't worry."
He nodded. "Yeah, you 're right. Let 's just go to maths."
I smiled. "Sure. I just need to go to the bathroom."
He nodded and we both walked into the bathroom. He looked at me, waiting for me to go to the bathroom. "Oli, what are you doing?"
I breathed out nervously. "I need to tell you something. Actually, now that I think about, I 'm not telling you. Especially not in a bathroom."
He held out his hand, wrapping his fingers around my wrist. "You can tell me."
I shook my head. "Let 's go to maths."
He looked at me, obviously disappointed. He removed his fingers that
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We walked down the hall and into the maths room, still holding hands.
Mr Stevenson sighed, looking at me. "Do I want to know why you guys are late?"
I smirked. "Well, we can tell you."
He sighed again. "Oliver, you 're my least favourite out of all my students. Carson, you 're my favourite student."
I pouted. "Sir, that 's just rude."
He rolled his eyes. "Whatever, go take your seats. And, Oliver, I would tell you to stop holding Carson 's hand, but I 'm scared of where you else you 'd put your hands."
I laughed and led Carson to our seats. Most of the class were laughing, but there a few who were looking at us in disgust. I stuck my finger up at one boy who had called Carson a faggot.
I put my hand up. "Sir! Sir! Can I bash John? I swear it 'll be quick!"
He looked at me like I was crazy. "Why would you want to fight John?"
I looked at John, hissing, and turned back to sir. "He called Carson a faggot. But John is a fucking pathetic
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"I was going to tell you that I really like you. Because I 've never said it out loud to you like that. I told you in the weirdest way last time and I felt bad about it. So, I wanted to make it up to you, but I didn 't expect you to actually listen."
Carson smiled. "Well, then I really like you too."
He pressed the lightest, gentle kiss on my lips and I hugged him. He put his head on my chest and sighed, content. "By the way, I didn 't think the way you first told me you liked me was bad. It was cute. And it took courage to say that. You didn 't even know if I liked you, so it was brave. Because I would 've been too scared to tell you if I didn 't know that you liked me."
I shrugged. "But it wasn 't romantic."
He chuckled. "Since when have you cared about romance?"
I pouted. "I like you. Of course I 'm going to care about being romantic."
He looked at me, a small smile on his face. "How many girlfriends have you had?"
I looked down at my lap. I didn 't like talking about this. "Yeah. Um, I had one. She um, she wasn 't very nice."
He was still staring at me and I felt his gaze on me. "What do you mean?"
I scratched the back of my neck. "Do you remember that girl

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