Oil And Water Two Faith One God Summary

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Oil and Water Two Faiths: One God by Amir Hussain seeks to address the misinformed interpretations of Islam that western people have by first explaining the history and values of Muslims, and then by relating that discussion to the current misconceptions that people have about Muslims. Aside from being a Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University, Amir Hussain immigrated to Canada from Pakistan at the age of four. His bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree are all from the University of Toronto and he has served in a myriad of positions relating to Islam and religious studies and received numerous awards in those fields. His book, Oil and Water Two Faiths: One God was published five years after September 11, 2001. The …show more content…
The book should have placed the chapter titled, “Sufism: a romance with God” in section one because it felt weirdly placed in section two. The placement of “Sufism: a romance with God” in section one is best justified by the theme of the section, which is to enlighten people about various aspects of Islamic worship. Therefore, including this chapter in the second section seems out of place as the second section takes into account what we --the reader-- learned in the first section. Similarly, the chapter titled, “After 9-11: Muslims in an uneasy limelight” should have been placed in the second section to better fit the themes of the second section seeing as the chapter talks about the misinformed notions that were raised in people’s minds after 9-11. Despite the different theme that is tackled in that chapter --the theme of applying a newfound understanding of Islam to discussions on pertinent topics in western society-- it still provides an excellent introduction to the overall topic of the book and what discussions Amir Hussain will bring

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