Officer Johnny Is A Man With Great Pride Essay

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Officer Green will represent the best friend of fifteen years to Officer Johnny. Officer Johnny will represent himself, the police officer who is working an unauthorized security job with a firm. Officer Green and Officer Johnny are both assigned to work patrol on the midnight shift and have been together through thick and thin over the last fifteen years.
In the scenario provided Officer Johnny is described as being a great police officer, who gives back to the community regularly. Officer Green and Officer Johnny’s relationship goes beyond the work environment, because their families vacation together. Recently, Officer Johnny’s wife was laid off work due to the turbulent economic times, which created a hardship on Officer Johnny’s family. Officer Johnny’s youngest child has extensive medical issues and the medical bills have accumulated over the years. Officer Johnny is a man with great pride; therefore, he has not talked to anyone about the financial burden he and his family are battling, not even his best friend Officer Green. As a way to keep his family afloat, Officer Johnny takes a side job with a security company. It is against departmental policies and procedures, for any officer to obtain a second job without the prior authorization and approval by the Chief of Police. The policies and procedures go on further to state that police officers may not work any off-duty security jobs that requires them to wear a uniform and carry a weapon, or work at any job…

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