Odysseus Movie Comparison

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The movie Odysseus is different from the written version by Homer in many ways. Odysseus isn’t a pawn of the gods and all his actions are of his own. The movie starts off with Odysseus on his way home after ten years of being gone. The movie leads its viewers on a trip with Odysseus who will go through my trials of life. The movie will explore fame and its ups and downs, it will provide its’ own interpretation of the original Odyssey, and I will discuss which parts of the film has been helpful in better understanding the Odyssey.
Odysseus’s desire is not only to become a hero for his people, but to be immortal and one way mortals become immortal is if his name is never forgotten in history and to do that he would need fame. According to the
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I like that he went through a series of journeys to answer his own questions of immortality of gaining information of the downside of fame and learning from his stay with Kalypso that eternity becomes boring after a while. Right before reaching Ithaka, he gets blown off course again and ends up on an Island where they are holding athletic competition and if won the game, you’d get immortal recognition and a poem written about you. Immortality through fame and glory are still at the tip of Odysseus’s hands, but if he were to win he would be delayed from returning home again and he turned down that fame for another immortality through family lineage. I enjoyed this interpretation in that he decided to finally choose his rightful path of finally returning home, but through this interpretation I get the feeling that a lot of problems that arise for Odysseus are brought upon himself through his own actions. Although a lot of the glory and fantasy tales are gone from the film interpretation of the story, I think it was put together very well to be able to relate and understand the meaning of the story for modern day citizens. The film provided additional context and visual clips to relate to Homer’s The …show more content…
First, his interactions with the dead and why he went there in the first place helped me understand why he needed to go to the island and helped provide visual of the interactions between Odysseus, his mother, Agamemnon, and Achilles. Secondly, his 7 year stay with Kalypso helped me understand that he actually stayed on his own accord, which makes his heroic persona a bit more flawed than it seemed to be. I thought the added context from the voiceover of the film helped me grasp the meaning and moral message of the story. It wasn’t only a tale about a man who encountered great hardships and how he survived them, but it shows this man seeking fame and glory for almost two decades to finally realize his true glory is to be happy with the fortunes and family he had already. It’s message is to be happy with what you have because seeking something you can’t get, like immortality, only brings you misfortune and

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