Ancient Greek Ideals In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is well-known, and critically acclaimed ancient collection of mythical poetry. Homer, does a fantastic job of bringing the main character, Odysseus to life, and expressing the traits of an epic hero inside him. Reading the Odyssey, notice how ancient Greek society and its philosophical ideals and how they play a key role in the many stories. The selection expresses a wide range of the ideas of loyalty, respect, and integrity taught in Ancient Greece.

One example if the many Ancient Greek ideals Homer shows in the Odyssey is intelligence. In the episode, “Calypso: The Sweet Nymph”, Odysseus is stranded on an island with a beautiful, and seductive nymph Calypso. Odysseus first travels to the island willingly, and has an affair
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Odysseus has a heart, a big heart that beats just as everyone else's. Odyssey if anything is loyal. In episode “The Father and The Son”, Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar, to deceive his son as he went searching for him. Odysseus is reunited with his son, but Telemachus isn’t naive, he is first very skeptical and questions Odysseus. Telemachus finds it hard to trust his father at first, but once he finally does, they become overwhelmed with emotion. “Telemachus began to weep, salt tears rose from the wells longing in both men.” This episode shows Odysseus loyalty he has towards his son and his family. For example, in episode “Calypso: The Sweet Nymph” Odysseus does everything he can to get back to his wife, Penelope. He may have been lead astray originally, but Odysseus always finds his way back to the righteous path because he is a hero. Odysseus is loving, loyal, and genuine hero who has a heart, just like all of us. This episode brought to light the balance Odysseus creates between showing his force vigorously, and being calm and collected at times. Just like any public figure, Odysseus must have both sides to him.

Homer, author of the Odyssey does a great job of incorporating key ancient Greek principles and ideals in the Odyssey’s main character Odysseus. Odysseus is portrayed as a legendary mythical hero who is cunning, strategic, and superior to all others. A being of extraordinary power, but who is loyal and has a heart. These character traits are all found in the ancient Greek’s philosophical ideal of philotimo, a range of honorable ideals that extends deep into Greek culture. Homer did a stupendous job of connecting the epic Odyssey to ancient greek culture and

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