Obstacles Of Speaking In Public Essay

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As I walked to the front, I go over my mental notes...remember to speak loud and clear, make eye contact, and to just be myself! But inside I am feeling the butterflies in my stomach and the nerves are going crazy, at the same time, I am maintaining a poker face. Speaking in public is not something that I have mastered, I enjoy the interaction and getting my point across...its the being in front of people part that I have to get completely comfortable with.

I have several obstacles that I face when speaking in public, when my nerves try to take over, the words in my head or on paper do not always come out that way I planned. I always try to pace myself, but sometimes I speak pretty fast and my hands are moving at the same speed. It seems
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Ahead of me is alot of work to do to get them out of my vocabulary especially when speaking in public. They are um and yeah. When I lose my train of thought or searching for the right words, I tend to say those words to stretch the time and to avoid the ackward silence. I do not have a tip of how to stop, I feel the more I speak, the more comfortable I have become so those words are being said a little lesser each time.

Another issue that makes me nervous, the fear of being asked a question that I would not know the answer to. At the end of speaking, I patiently wait for questions hoping that I will be able to answer them quickly and clearly. The only thing I can do is to make sure that I try to have as much information as possible, but if I ever get back into a corner, I will wing it to the best of my ability before I ever say that I do not know to an answer.

This is not to influence or entertain, but to inform others of my personal growth. I once was a shy person with no confidence that never looked up. Now, I try to have pride in all that I do including public speaking. My future career path in Human Resources will require speaking engagements. So regardless that I have to speak to 9 or 99 people, I am confident, use humor to break the ice, and have

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