Obsession : Obsession And Obsession Essay

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Obsession comes in many different forms. Depending on how deep the obsession is and what it is aimed toward, it can be very dangerous. It is “An excessive preoccupation of the thoughts or feelings; the persistent haunting or domination of the mind by a particular desire, idea, or image.” (Webster’s 1913 Dictionary) Many people say they are obsessed with their hobbies or interests, but most of the time they are simply strongly interested in their pastimes. Rarely are people truly obsessed about something, but when they are they can often forget who they are. Whatever the obsession, it consumes every minute of the obsessed persons conscious, and often unconscious, mind. It doesn’t allow thoughts of anything else unless they feed into the roaring inferno of the obsession.
One of my brothers has a drug addiction. While addiction and obsession may not be the same term, they are closely related. One could say he was obsessed with his addiction. He was wholly consumed with nothing but thoughts on how he could score his narcotics. He had been fully capable of holding a job. He was a hard worker and all around pleasant human being. But as his obsession with drugs became steadily more intense and his rational thought began to deteriorate. He was so consumed with his obsession he began to lose who he truly was. He had been replaced with an intense desire for his next high. It was all he thought about. His obsession led him to steal his employer’s money to get more narcotics. It drove…

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