Obsession In The Birthmark And The Birthmark, By William Faulkner

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“The Birthmark” and “A rose for Emily”, though two different short-stories, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and William Faulkner respectively, gives out the common them that is, Obsession about things you cannot control can lead us to lose things because we exactly know the result and we strive for it anyway. The idea prevails in both of the stories “The Birthmark” where Aylmer losses his wife and “A rose for Emily” where Emily poisoned her lover and lived with a corpse. If we go through the literal meaning of obsession, then it means an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person mind. Well, some of us might take obsession as a healthy state of mind, but If we looked at it from a different perspective then we can say …show more content…
The story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Poe is a story about a servant who killed his master just because of the so called vulture look (4). Edgar tries to show that Human Being can go to that extent of no return in order to satisfy their obsession, even though the servant loved the old man, his evil look triggered the obsession in the servant, which made him kill the old man. This writing describes what happens to us when we get obsessed over little things. There was no harm on that old man’s eyes. It was his physique. He gave the servant a job and still, these folly thoughts made the servant kill that old man. In general, we can just ignore the obsessive thought. We already know the result, so being a superior being, why must we do it again? I call it madness. If we ever happen to encounter it, we have to avoid it . obsession is like a negative spiral loop, the more you gave a thought, the more you are going to sucked in. There is no way that the old man eyes had ever interrupted that young man. It is just him who overthink and made things even worst. Even though it might just be a short story, but it is the truth. In the short story “The New Dress” The main character Mabel Waring thought she was not quite fit in the society because of the dress she was wearing (Woolf 2). She goes on trying many dresses, and with every new dresses she tried, it just kept on increased her anxiety. It shows that even simple things get more complicated if we over think. In the last part of the story she went back to the same old cloak, which she had been wearing since last twenty years. This particular writing shows that, obsession is like a negative spiral loop, the more you gave a thought, the more you are going to sucked in before going back to the same starting

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