Observing At Myplate Micronutrient Analysis: Reflection For Your Diet

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Introduction Maintaining our health is the most important goal in life. What we eat and how much we eat affect our daily activities. It helps balance the flow of energy in our body as well as the proteins, vitamins, and minerals from the foods we intake daily. Nevertheless, to maintain this goal need attention such as what we intake and how much we consume daily is important. For example, I assumed the foods I intake was great enough to provide more than what I need to maintain my health, nevertheless, it did not meet the recommended level need to be healthy. In this project, it will illustrate the differences between my actual intake versus recommendation intake based on the food I consumed for three days.
MyPlate Analysis
Observing at MyPlate
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Our eyes allow us to the beautiful thing in the world, however, according to the date colledted the number of intakes was below recommendation. I 've assumed that the foods I intake consist magnificent nutrients that keep me healthy, nevertheless, it was the opposite. Only 2% Vitamin consumed can cause eyes, chronic lung, and gastrointestinal diseases of my diet stay the same, and so, the change in my diet is need to lower the risk of diseases.
Vitamin C
The Vitamin C result is at a good-standing. The percentage is above 50% which show reaching the recommendation goal are not far off. Comparing to the hypothesis statement, the result turn out to be the contradicting. Assumed the amount of food consumes contain vast of vitamin C, however, it was just average to keep the body functioning for a certain amount of times. If the diet makes a slight change, the chance of achieving the goal will succeed by consuming foods that consist vitamin C; for example, orange juice is rich in vitamin C.
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This can cause the calculation to either be over or under than the actual answered that should be the diet analysis. The effect is not big; for example, the intake of vitamins and mineral could be slightly more than the number stated in the record. Folate intake would result in the 60s-below 70mcg and 350 mg for calcium. Though errors exist in this diet analysis, whether I recorded myself or someone else does it, the conclusion remain the same. The actual intake will still be under the recommendation intake. An unhealthy diet can lead to diseases develop if no change

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