Observational Learning, Textbook P Essay

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Topic 1 – Observational Learning, Textbook p.168
When JW came into the workplace to learn about his new job, he was excited about the new educational learning that he would be receiving about the modernized electrical control systems in the factory. As JW started learning about controlling Ethernet drives and input / output control systems, he started struggling with the concept of the many different things that were going on inside one communications cable. His classic conditioning of the old electrical control wiring was not linking in with the new communication control. We took JW and started out with a simple control structure and asked JW how he would control it. The first thing JW wanted to do was to use his classic conditioning of using a lot of wires to control the simulated model that we were using. When we made the suggestion that instead of using so many wirings to go from point A to point B, that we instead use a communication cable to route the controls for the simulated model, JW started to use his observation learning to change his mind set to other opportunities. Observation learning was used to show JW that there are other simpler methods to use for control instead of the traditional methods of pulling a wire to every device. Observational learning occurs in four distinct steps: attention, retention, motor reproduction and reinforcement. Once a person’s attention is there and they can retain it, then they are able to reproduce the results and they obtain the…

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