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Social Interaction among students fails because of cell phones Technology to communicate

INTRO: Since the last decade, cell phone use has gained an incredible amount of popularity throughout society attracting audiences of all ages. Technology has significantly improved from what it used to be cell phones especially. The behavior I choose to be is the new way that students interact with schools. Walking to school every day I noticed that students don’t talk to each other anymore. Even when they are together on a table, walking or even during class, there is no more a face to face interaction. Technology has become the new face to interact with one another. The theory on this observation is the social behavior perspective. This
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This has considerably affected education values since most of the students use cell phones to cheat during exams . On another case the participants indicated that different communication media afford them different levels of control over their social interactions . The types of communication of the media that was discussed in this case were , instant messenger , mobile phone texting , email , voice calls , and letter writing . It seems that formore of this participant they expressed the following , “Instant messaging tended to be viewed positively in regard to control , for various reason ssuch as the ability to see if specific individuals were available to communicate, the ability to talk about many individuals at once , immediate clarification of ambiguous statements , the ability to leave gaps in conversation , the ability to conceal the truth , the management emotional interaction and the use of emotional interactions and the use of emotions to elaborate the meaning of statements." (Sheila, 2013) Students are constantly texting with abbreviated forms of words have begun to speak with the same acronyms. The now everyday uses of "LOL" and "OMG" have become substitutions for actual emotional responses in conversations. This form of talking is often seen as uneducated. Students are not only speaking in abbreviated ways but they are also beginning to become distracted during conversations. While texting,

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