Objectives Of The Manifest Destiny

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The Manifest Destiny certainly had good intentions. The idea that the United States was destined for greatness and expansion beyond the current borders was a substantial idea. However, enacting these ideals quickly turned into an oppressive era for surrounding territories not seized by the united states.
The United States hastily settled the dispute over Oregon with Britain, not to avoid conflict, but to deal with conflict arising in the southwest. Mexico urgently broke ties with America right after Texas was granted statehood. However, this didn’t stop the conflicts. Argument over the Texas and Mexico border began to pose a threat on the new state. Texas believed their border was and has always been the Rio Grande river. Mexico argued the
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It was Made by Henry clay, and brought before the senate on January 29, 1850. Some of the provisions was the California as a free state, and territorial governments on the rest of the land gained from Mexico, without the restrictions on slavery, and better slave laws. This compromise was debated for seven months. New leaders came in and were able to better decide on the compromise then the old ones. They decided to separate the bill and vote on each measure separately. This would allow each representative to vote on the measures they agreed with. In the end only the measures that were agreed upon got passed. So it eliminated the risk of unwanted measures being put into use.
The Manifest Destiny was a foundational era in the United Sates history. However, it happened at the expense of surrounding countries and Indian tribes. The United states has even been seen as bully due the Manifest Destiny. Ridicule has come from The Mexican war, saying it wasn’t supposed to occur. The gain of California and New Mexico for the United States was also a forced victory. In spite of this, The United States gained most of the North American continent, which completed most of the

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