Objectives Of A Record Management Plan Essay

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Records Management Business Plan
Donegal County Council
Roisín O 'Donnell
October 2016

1. Objectives of a Record Management Plan.
• To create awareness around good record management practices
• To adhere to international standards
• To ensure this organisation is compliant with current legislation
• To ensure this organisation is accountable to the people it serves
• To ensure our organisation is efficient in its day to day business activities
1.2 Scope
Individual sections have implemented their own versions of a record management plan. As it is the goal of senior management to reach a cohesive policy, this plan will outline a record management project for the entire organisation.
1.3 Resources and Agreement
The county Manager recently highlighted the number of Freedom of Information requests which have not been fulfilled by the county council. Resulting from this a panel was formed to review the current record management system in place and agreement was reached to provide funding to improve it.

2. Organisational Profile.
Donegal County Council is the body responsible for local government in County Donegal representing over 161,000 people. As the local authority, it has a range of roles and responsibilities devolved from centralised government which include and is not limited to; housing, planning and local development. Power is divided between the elected representatives of the council, who have reserved functions and the executive branch who have responsibility…

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