Analysis Of Miss Representation

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Introduction: What was the film about?

The Film Miss Representation is a documentary directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom as she is bringing into the world a new life, a daughter and how she feels she can prepare her daughter for what the world offers and how it is portrayed. The film emphasizes how the media portrays women in the media and how women have only a few role models in high positions. The film focuses on various influential women and men and their views on how women need to meet a certain standard. Miss Representation is a demonstration how women are misrepresented by the media, where self-objectification is a crucial issue amongst girls and women. The media limits the perception young girls and women have, often feeling as if that
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The media is continuously objectifying women and their sexuality. While men are sometimes objectified similarly, women are objectified more intensely and much more often. The film portrays women being objectified in many different areas. When advertising using a female that fits an ideal look makes women feel as if they too could reach that look if they were to buy that product. For men, when they see women being objectified it makes it so they are more willing to buy the product. The phenomenon of the ideal women, however, also effects the way the women in advertising choose their marketing strategies or models. The pressure is put on models to look and fit a certain type. As the media uses women as a sales tactic. Women are digitally altered, molded, dressed, etc. to fit a certain image. While it is easy to bend, break, and fix objects that same theory should not be applied to women as a means of …show more content…
However, I never realized how big of an issue it is. As a woman, I have been a victim of trying to fit that “perfect” image, tall and skinny knowing I’m way too short to ever fit it. Also, I’m in sales and the idea that “sex sells” is a norm. I don’t use this as a sales technique; frankly, I don’t even know how to flirt, but I have seen the way others do it, and it works. Using the powerful affects that we have on men is outstanding. Obviously, advertisers and media knows exactly how to expose this. However, I think the film exploits the reality that women do have a specific image to fulfill. What I dislike the most was the realization that a man and a woman can essentially do the exact same thing yet the women is objectified and the public forms an opinion more on her look and the man more on his words. After watching the film is boggling too see the amount of gender stereotypes that

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