Essay on Obesity Is An Increasing Statistic

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In many first world countries, obesity is an increasing statistic. According to the National Institutes of Health, around two thirds of the United States population is obese and of that fraction, six percent are morbidly obese. Many factors lead to Americans becoming overweight, such as foods with high fructose and fats being more affordable than healthy food or people not being as active as the energy piling up inside of them. The unhealthy lifestyle is promoted every day as a people drive down the interstate and sees billboards for McDonalds, Burger King, and Culvers. People have come to realize how cheap and quick these alternatives stand compared to a home cooked meal. As the rate of obesity continuously increases, Americans are discovering and improving ways to help increase weight loss in a healthy beneficial way.
As people look in the mirror, they may be unsatisfied about how they look or feel in their bodies. The world we live in today shapes the way we see ourselves. America lives in a culture where looks are one of the most important qualities. Professional models become young girls’ role models, and they aspire to be as beautiful as them one day. From a young age men and women are told how to look based off of society, yet surprisingly enough most of our population is still overweight. For some people, being overweight is not controlled by themselves. Genetics cause people to struggle with weight management or maybe at a young age parents did not care what their…

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