Personal Narrative: King Of Fantasy Football

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Me, Jeffrey Szulczewski, the king of fantasy football? Well, sorta. So one week, I was at my dad’s house playing fantasy football on Week 3, and I was going all out. My dad doesn’t usually know how to play fantasy for every sport, so basically run every one of his 1 day leagues on DraftKings. Since I run the leagues, I usually do pretty decent. Earlier that week, I played the Thursday Night Football League. I played decent and picked some of the right guys, but it wasn’t good enough. I entered $3 and won nothing in return and that happened to me almost every single week. But I was convinced that this was the last week of my disappearance of my fantasy knowledge.

Since I was going all out ($3), I needed a source of information, which was ESPN. ESPN
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They told me the running back that I should use which was Davonte Freeman, and they told me the wide receiver and QB. I don’t really remember who those positions were, but at least I knew that they weren’t going to do bad. The point where I began the “keeping-track” part of it was at 11:30 on Sunday morning. I was ready. My draft was set, I had my Extra Flavored Goldfish, and I even got myself a 7-UP. It was such a happy day. Every Sunday for me is happy. Even the one’s without football. The team that had Davonte Freeman on it was the Falcons, and they were facing my least favorite team besides the Bears: the Cowboys. Even though I hate the Cowboys, 3 minutes into the game, I was regretting my decision of Freeman because Joseph Randle, the Cowboys back, was putting up big numbers. At one point, he had about 50 rushing yards in the first quarter, which was big since it was the only also the

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