Obesity Is A Sensitive Subject Essay

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Obesity is a sensitive subject. Obesity is something everyone sees, but in social circles, not many like to talk about. In today’s society, many people are overweight and it looks like society has come to accept heavy weight people as normal people with no particular problems. It is totally unacceptable to call anyone fat or much less obese. Most people just accept that some people are heavier or “bigger” than others. It is rare not to see overweight people and even obese people in everyday environments from work, to school, shopping, movies, television and everywhere in between. Some people say obesity is a disease. Some say it’s the way human bodies were programmed to survive that makes people fat. However, many think it is just a behavior problem caused by choosing to overeat and doing little to no exercise. Millions of dollars go into the study of obesity in this country: collecting data, measuring trends, developing diet products, developing bigger clothing lines, new medicines, new surgeries, new exercise machines, new diet regimens, etc. These products and ideas are everywhere you look from the library, to the internet to stores and even on television. Even then, a large number of people continue to battle with their weight.
Obesity by definition, according to The American Heritage College Dictionary, is “the condition of being obese; extremely fat; grossly overweight”. This problem or condition is very common in the U.S. since about one third of adults…

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