Obesity Is A Condition That Affects A Person 's Body Mass Index

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Through out the years many people have been suffering from this chronic disease called obesity. Obesity is a condition that affects a person’s body mass index; also know as BMI, it is when someone has exuberance adipose tissue in the body. It is one of the most prominent causes in the United States for disability and morbidity and has given a big rise in healthcare costs. The U.S population has grown tremendously within the years and obesity has taken over one- third of the adult population (approximately 78.6 million Americans) (Gregorie, L 2004). A mix between improper diet and lack of physical activity has created such a disease and has transformed into a leading cause of death in the United States.
For individuals suffering with obesity, it is hard to make a lifestyle change and maintain a proper healthy and a well-balanced life. Unfortunately, many Americans chose this life style because it is effortless but the rest of the population choses to get up every morning, eat correctly, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. Approximately 40 million obese Americans with Medicaid and Medicare can now get covered for obese procedures such as stomach surgery and nutrition therapy (Gregorie, L 2004). Healthcare costs for obesity has grown tremendously within the years and many Americans are exasperated of paying higher premiums because of individuals who aren’t doing what it takes to live an active lifestyle. This is why, thin people shouldn 't have to pay Medicare and other…

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