Obesity In The Food Industry Essay

The Food Industry (mostly fast food) is Causing Obesity in North America We live in a supersized world, as the population grow people are growing in size as coherently. When it comes down to blaming obesity in the United States you should look no further than the food industry. With so many “junk food” options available to choose from what is a guy supposed to do? Stopping by your local fast food restaurant is much simpler than making a meal from scratch. Food in the U.S. has become almost like a drug. They are tested for taste and maximum profits overall. The biggest problem is the outlook for obesity in the U.S. The expected obesity rate is a round fifty percent by the year 2030, that’s half of all Americans. The food industry should be held liable for much of the obesity problems that the U.S. faces today because of their advertisements, ingredients, and prices. Everywhere that you look in America there are advertisements upon advertisements on food alone. These make eating unhealthy feel like the norm and something that is okay to do. No matter what station you’re on there is …show more content…
A good meal that includes a burger, fries and a drink for just three dollars and some change is extremely cheap. Especially compared to how much it would cost to make a healthy alternative of the same type of meal. Low costs make it easier on parents to provide food for their kids. People just don’t have a lot of money to spend every night on fresh homemade food. Around the 1980’s is when the United States started to produce food in mass amounts to keep up with the growing population. This means that food is able to be sold in larger portions, and priced more affordably. Before the 1980’s food was produced based on demand, not just to see how much you could make. Serving size for drinks has actually doubled as well from eight fluid ounces to sixteen fluid

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