Obesity Among The Children And The Adults Essay

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Obesity among the children and the adults is the major health concerns in the developed and the developing countries. Preventing childhood obesity and overweight is a major public health issue and challenge. Overweight and obesity has been known to have a negative impact on children and adolescent health and wellness. Additionally, there is ample evidence of linkage between obesity and chronic disease. There is increased economic cost of obesity management. The lack of physical activity and poor choice of diet, such as consumption of high dense food and fluid are crucial factors responsible for developing obesity. Recent evidence shows that young children in the United States of America watch more than recommended 2 hours of television and this behavior continue during an adolescent age. Thus, health promotion and behavioral modification program to prevent obesity, major public health challenge, should be the main focus of intervention strategies. The main point to consider while implementing health promotion program is to avoid victim-blaming. The health promotion intervention should consider socio-economic and environmental determinants, which are responsible for a specific behavior in an individual, in developing a program. An ecological model of health promotion program is conceptual framework, which views five levels of determinants responsible for certain behavioral trait. This following five levels of determinants shapes the behavior:
1) Intrapersonal factors:…

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