Obesity : A Major Health Concern Essay examples

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Obesity is considered to be a major health concern in our country. Obesity affects many citizens all across America, and leads to many deaths around the country. YAccording to Understanding Childhood Obesity, “Nearly 60 million American adults between the ages of 20 and 75 years are obese” (Smith 3). Many citizens argue that the number of obese people in our country has to decline. As a result, the government has stepped up and taken a stand to fight obesity. Their intervention against obesity should continue as obesity is a major problem in America.
To start off, obesity is a condition that is a result of many factors. One factor, for example, is related to one’s fat. OAccording to Obesity, “Obesity is a condition in which the body accumulates an abnormally large amount of adipose tissue, or fat” (DeAngelo et al. 1). The purpose of fat is to store energy and energy comes from the food one eats. If one takes in more energy and does not burn the energy properly, he or she would have an excess amount of energy. This extra energy would most likely become stored in the fat of the person’s body. As a result, one would have an abnormal amount of fat in his or her body. This would eventually lead to the person becoming obese.
Obesity can also be influenced by genes and inheritance. OAccording to Obesity, “Genetic factors appear to be important in determining the presence or absence of obesity” (DeAngelo et al. 1). If one has parents or close relatives who are obese, then he or he…

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