Iran Nuclear Deal Speech Analysis

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“Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability to cope with conflict by peaceful means.” -President Reagan. Sometimes the best way to make a point is by using the words of someone else. President Obama was well aware of this in his speech about the new Iran nuclear deal. The reason for Obama giving this speech was simple; he wanted to define the new Iran nuclear deal and convince the people that congress should vote affirmative.
President Obama structured his speech much like that of a debate in which he takes the affirmative side. However, Obama was the only one speaking. To begin, the president opened with his affirmative constructive, in which he draws the crowd in and introduces the resolution of his argument. He started by taking the listeners back in history to a time of intense crisis, specifically the Cold
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He began this section of the speech by pointing out how most of the “critics” opposing this new deal were the same people that were pushing for the war to begin with. Obama followed up with how he agreed with his opposition in the idea that Iran’s nuclear program is dangerous. He offered, however, a much more peaceful path, thus the new Iran deal. From there he moved on to talk about how Iran refused peaceful negotiation in 2009, but from this “failure” came a huge success. The United States willingness to negotiate with Iran brought the entire U.N. council to support America. This breakthrough in U.N. support led to huge economic stress in Iran, which, come election time, translated to a change in government. This new government is the gaping hole that offers new possibilities for negotiations with Iran. Once Obama had convincingly stated why this new Iran nuclear deal would succeed, he proceeded to go into detail about what the new deal entailed, and how it would prevent Iran from creating a nuclear weapon. (For complete details on the Iran nuclear

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